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Confirmed invited speakers:  
  Phonon and heat
  Christian Carbogno (FHI der Max - Planck-Gesellschaft, Germany)
  Thermal Conductivities at High Temperatures from First Principles
  Andrea Cepellotti (EPFL, Switzerland)
  Thermal Conductivity of Graphene and Graphite: Collective Excitations and Mean Free Paths
Luciano Colombo (Univ. of Cagliari, Italy)
  Lattice thermal conductivity and interface thermal resistance in SiGe nanosystems
  Alejandro Goni (ICMAB, Spain)  
  Tailoring Thermal Transport in GeSi/Si Multilayered Nanostructures
  Mahmoud I. Hussein (University of  Colorado Boulder, USA)  
  Nanophononic metamaterial: Thermal conductivity reduction by mechanical vibrations
Michel Kazan (American University of Beirut , Lebanon)
  Boltzmann model for lattice thermal conductivity in nanostructures

Stefano Lepri  (Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi - CNR; ITaly)

  Anomalous diffusion of phonons in one dimension

Baowen Li (National University of  Singapore, Singapore)

  Thermal diode: what else can it do besides rectifying heat flux by phonons?
Francesco Mauri (IMPMC-CNRS, France)
  Stochastic Self-Consistent Harmonic Approximation: Inverse Isotope Effect in Palladium Hydride superconductors

Arvind Narayanaswamy (Columbia University, USA)

  Measurement of photon and “phonon” transport using bi-material cantilevers

Gatien Verley (Université d'Orsay, France)

  Efficiency fluctuations in small machines
  Phonons, electrons, spins
  Andrey Akimov (The University of  Nottingham, UK)
  Lasing from optomechanical nanoresonators

Markus Betz (TU Dortmund University, Germany)

  Active Plasmonics with Surface Acoustic Waves

Bernard Jusserand (INSP, CNRS-UPMC, France)

  Polaritonic resonances for optomechanics
  Phonons source
  Antony Kent (The University  of  Nottingham, UK)
  Towards generation and detection of sub-terahertz coherent phonons without
the need for lasers
  Humphrey Maris (Brown University, USA)  
  Future Directions for Studies and Applications of Coherent and Incoherent Phonons
  Bernord Perrin (Paris Institute of Nanosciences - INSP, France)  
  Breakdown of Herring processes for subterahertz longitudinal acoustic phonons


  Ivan Favero (Université Paris Diderot, France)
  Gallium Arsenide Nano-Optomechanical Systems
  Florian Marquardt (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
  Engineering bandstructures of light interacting with sound

Phonons and biology

  Olivier Bourgeois (Institut NEEL, France)
  Low Temperature Nanophononics: manipulating heat at the nanoscale in the regime of ballistic phonon
  Thomas Dehoux (University of Bordeaux, France)
  Nanoscale probing of coherent phonons in single cells
  Phonons-based components for ICT

Paulo Santos (Paul-Drude-Institut  für Festkörperelektronik, Germany)

  Acoustically driven transport and manipulation of excitons and spins in semiconductor structures
Confirmed Oral Contributions:  
  Francesz Alzina (Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN2), Spain)
  Reduced Thermal conductivity in Nanostructures and the Intrinsic Limit of the Q-factor in Nano-Mechanical Resonators
  Yann Chalopin (CNRS, France)
  Fluctuation and dissipation of heat in a complex biological environment
Martin Grossman (Konstanz University, Germany)
  Hypersonic frequency combs in silicon membranes
  Daniel Lanzillotti Kimura (Laboratoire de Photonique et des Nanostructures, CNRS, France)  
  Ultrafast acousto-plasmonics in complex nanostructures
  Mariusz Lejman (Université du Maine, France)
  Ultrafast Photogeneration of Coherent Phonons in Ferroelectrics

Sanghamitra Neogi (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPGP) of the Max Planck Society (MPG), Germany)

  Phononic thermal transport in nanostructured ultra-thin silicon membranes

Josez Ordonez (CNRS, France)

  Heat Transport along Nanofilms and Nanowires due to Surface Phonon-Polaritons

Mika Prunnila (VTT, Finland)

  Semiconductor Microcoolers

Juan Sebastián Reparaz (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology ICN2, Spain)

  Influence of size and roughness on the thermal conductivity of free-standing Si membranes investigated using 2-laser Raman thermometry

Martin Schubert (Konstanz University, Germany)

  Hypersonic lamb waves in silicon membranes
Danielle Selli (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPGP) of the Max Planck Society (MPG), Germany)
  PbSe crystal grain boundaries as versatile phonon scatterers

Viktor Shalagatskyi (Université du Maine, France)

  Ultrafast electron-phonon dynamics in gold/cobalt structures
  Andrey Shchepetov (VTT, Finland)
  Ultra-Thin Free-Standing Membranes for Phononics

David Veysset (MIT Chemistry Department, USA)

  Acoustical breakdown of materials by focused surface acoustic waves generated by laser pulses


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